it's a good time to recycle - Trame Oy
Tramel Oy is a vital part of a functioning recycling society 

Tramel Oy (ltd.), founded in 2008, works in the recycling industry and environmental services. The company is specialised in collecting and processing scrap metal and electrical and electronic appliances and machinery.

The service concept of Tramel Oy is to answer to the recycling challenge of industrial appliance and machine manufacturing and retailing. Transparent and open recycling process offers fair and competitive expertise in environmental friendliness. Tramel Oy utilises machines and parts again or refines them for raw materials for new products in environmentally responsible ways. Our core mission is to offer accessible, both economically and environmentally sustainable recycling services in Finland and in Europe. Tramel Oy is certified recycling operator according to the legislation for producer responsibility.

European recycling society requires the importers and manufacturers of electronic appliances and machinery to take care of organizing recycling in a holistic manner. – Tramel does this and more. In addition to processing materials for production Tramel Oy offers recycling services and expertise for firms and households while also taking on social responsibility by recruiting people with disabilities or in long-term unemployment.

Tramel Oy develops its service provision along with its core processes. Sales process supports recycling services and material business as well as staffing and recruitment services. The production process takes into account the effort of people with disabilities and need for supervision and their impact on the work. Staff development process guides personnel to the workflow and processes of Tramel Oy and creates a work environment that enables further movement into the labour market. The service provision begins from goals shared together and the resource needs of the clients. Tramel Oy is a social enterprise.

We are engaged in continuous cooperation with our clients, stakeholders and consumers to maintain our innovative and safe and productive recycling and mentoring business.

Environmental policy of Tramel Oy

Our main business is industrial processing of electronic and electric appliances and machines and other recyclable material at the end of their lifespan.


Tramel Oy offers recycling services to producers and manufacturers, businesses, communities and households. The service concept includes mobile collection, reception, preliminary handling, repair, fix and repurposing services, and processing recycled materials into industrial raw materials.


Positive environmental effects are created by increased utilisation of materials, which prevents waste creation, and reusing extending the lifespan of products. Preliminary handling and recycling materials reduce general waste and spare unrenewable resources. In total, our recycling service reduces burden on the environment and prevents letting harmful substances to air, water or ground.


We take the nature into account in our activities, thus creating a basis for pre-emptive environmental action, when it is technically and economically possible.


Our objective is to work and interact openly with authorities and producer communities and other central stakeholders.


We train our staff to recognise the environmental impact of their work, guide in working in ways that are environmentally responsible and encourage participation in the work for the environment that we do.


Our work is based on the laws and regulations set by the authorities. We have created a method to ensure that we act in accordance to the environmental legislation that governs us. By committing to environmental goals and objectives we guarantee continuous development of our business and advance sustainable development.


The management of the company is committed to, together with the supervisors, to develop a culture of organised workplace safety and identifying and completing objectives. We ensure that our staff has necessary understanding and knowledge of safe practices. We commit to continuous development and maintenance of professional knowhow.


We commit in preventative way of workplace safety and attempt to identify, estimate and minimize relevant risks.


We take care of adhering to the legislation affecting our business and client requirements and applying the best, safe, practices.


We require responsibility from all our employees. If safety hazards are observed, we will intervene. We strive towards preventative occupational health care coverage, to acting in a way that increases and maintains working ability, and to developing wellbeing at the workplace. We do our best to offer rewarding and motivating jobs. In order for us to succeed, management has to be good and encouraging. Human resources are in charge of organizing and coordinating occupational health care and health and safety. Management and line managers are responsible for both communicating both the spirit and the letter of the occupational health care and health and safety policy as well as ensuring it is understood.